Revision 3 of Village Idiot

Build reports for the new (and hopefully, improved) Village Idiot! It seems like it has been forever and a day since I have documented a build process. So, I have decided to return to my bot building roots and try to log the complete rebuild of Village Idiot for the November 2002 BattleBots competition!

6/1/02 VI Report 1
6/2/02 VI Report 2
6/4/02 VI Report 3
6/9/02 VI Report 4
6/16/02 VI Report 5
7/13/02 VI Report 6
10/28/02 VI Report 7
10/29/02 VI Report 8


Check the build progress of Team RV's Heavyweight robot: MAGNUM VI. Kenneth Peek is the owner/builder of the new robot, and as he builds he has agreed to share pics of his progress for all to see! This is the first version of the 220lb heavyweight robot. MVI is being built to compete at the November 2002 BattleBots, as a team-mate to the middleweight robot: Village Idiot.

6/29/02 MVI Report 1
7/13/02 MVI Report 2

Village Idiot Revision 3 CAD Files

The Village Idiot CAD files page is actually a list of ProE renderings I have converted to SpinFire format for 3D viewing online. If you do not have the SpinFire plug-in for your web browser, you should be prompted to download it upon trying to open one of the images.

5/28/02 Village Idiot CAD

Initial Village Idiot Build VI

Take a online walk-though of the initial build process for Village Idiot, my 120lb Middleweight for BattleBots. From building materials, ideas, and drawings I tried to share as much of my vision for VI as I could with you.

I did my best to try and tell the story about the creation of VI. If you see anything I discuss in the VI Build area that you are curious about drop me an email:

2/4/01 VI Report 1
2/8/01 VI Report 2
2/10/01 VI Report 3
2/12/01 VI Report 4
3/03/01 VI Report 5
3/04/01 VI Report 6
3/11/01 VI Report 7
3/25/01 VI Report 8
4/30/01 VI Report 9
5/20/01 VI Report 10

How-To Files

From time to time I learn a lesson the hard way. I hope to document some of the more frustrating instances, and some of the lessons that I think might be helpful to others. Eventually I hope to have a variety of "How-To's" on various subjects.

If you have any questions after reading one of the reports, drop me an email and I will see if I can help. Please read the "How-To" carefully first though. ;)

6/23/02 Converting a .prt Pro/Engineer file into a .dwg AutoCAD format for DC Waterjet
3/04/01 The popular Hella Switch modification

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