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NCRSF III - Wins - December 2002

All the Village Idiot wins from the December 2002 NCRSF event, set to the music of Crystal Method's "Name of the Game".

Village Idiot was fortunate enough to win first place in it's weight class, and take home the middleweight trophy!

SIZE: 12 Meg / 5 Min 3 Sec
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Damage INC - VI Style - August 2001

I kept having images of a video stuck in my head every time I heard my favorite song, "Damage INC" by Metallica. Finally, I gave in and edited my first video to music deal that I call "Idiot INC".

The footage in this video consists mainly of captures from the NCRSF and the still images are from various Village Idiot build reports on this site. I had never noticed any "bot fighting to music" on the net before posting this video, but since I posted it I have noticed a LOT of people are taking this approach... :)

SIZE: 15.6 Meg / 2 Min 3 Sec
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vs. Evil Con Carne - July 2001

This is the first Village Idiot fight I was able to tape! For obvious reasons, BattleBots will not allow personal cameras to tape fights at BattleBots events. This footage is from my first fight at the North Carolina Robot Street Fight (NCRSF) that I attended in July 2001 against "Evil Con Carne".

ECC is a really cool bot build by a friend, Terry Talton. I feel like this was my closest fight to date, Terry got some good whacks in with ECC! The fight eventually ended in my favor by KO.

VI v/s ECC

SIZE: 4.16 Meg / 2 Min 17 Sec
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vs. MAIM - July 2001

Another fight from the NCRSF I attended in July, 2001.

This fight was against Charles Carnes "MAIM". A Spinner that likes to break stuff...

I was fortunate that the first hit derailed his chain that spun up the robots weapon. Look for good things to come from MAIM in the future, Chuck and his crew ROCKED! This fight also ended in my favor by KO.


SIZE: 2.60 Meg / 1 Min 26 Sec
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vs. Category 3 - July 2001

Yet another fight from the NCRSF from July, 2001.

This fight was against Ron Woodward's "Category 3".

Ron was a cool guy, but I didn't really get a chance to talk to him much. He wasn't very close to my location in the pits, but what little we did talk he came across as a super nice guy. This fight ended by KO in VI's favor.

SIZE: 1.54 Meg / 54 Sec
WMV Format / Click Pic to Start Video

vs. Two Fisted - July 2001

Village Idiot's last one on one fight (for the MW championship) at the NCRSF was against Mark Harrison's "Two Fisted".

Mark (as all the other MW competitors) was a really cool guy. He had the bad fortune of fighting "MAIM" before me and Two Fisted received a "Fist-ectomy" when MAIM's spinner ripped both of Two Fisted's arms off! ;)

This fight ended in a KO with VI as the victor for the NCRSF Middleweight championship... Yay!

SIZE: 1.27 Meg / 41 Sec
WMV Format / Click Pic to Start Video

NCRSF Middleweight Rumble - July 2001

Every middleweight robot that could still move was placed in the arena and the NCRSF ended with a bang!

The last bot' left moving was Village Idiot... Yay again! :)

SIZE: 4.51 Meg / 2 Min 30 Sec
WMV Format / Click Pic to Start Video

You will need Microsoft Media Player to view any of the video footage on this website. Download the latest version here!

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