VI Report 2 - 2/8/01

Woohoo! This week I got a couple of vital components for VI including my two Victor 24V 883s and Futaba 6XAS Radio. I also ordered my 4" Colsons from Team Delta this week and a cool 12V 15A Battery charger from

Here's a close-up of the radio and 883s.

I also had a couple of 17Ah Portalac batteries come in that I ordered from for $20 each. These things are very light for their Ah rating.

I weighed them on three different scales and got about 13 1/2 lbs each. That's a very impressive lb. to Ah ratio! I don't know if I'm actually going to use these or not, but @ $20 a pop they were deffinately worth a look ;)

I'll keep you posted on just how they "test out".

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