VI Report 5 - 3/3/01

Just looked over the last update and realized I'm way overdue for a new one.

Not that I'm super close to being finished, but I have made another significant design change. Here's a shot of the final VI design.

I really need to work with a 3D proggie, but I can't seem to motivate myself to push past my beloved PSP :)

I guess I can start off showing a few more tidbits I have picked up.

Here's my hella big Hella Switch. I really dig the removable key and red is groovy. Handles 200A continuous and 1000A intermittent... Overkill is fun :)

Here's the solenoid I will use to cut the saws off and on.

Found it at for $17.00 which is a good deal on a 100A continuous 24V solenoid. AND... its shinney.

Here are the 12" saws I plan on using.

I purchased these off eBay. They are shinney too.

The frame isn't finished yet, but it is well on its way. I've had fun learning as I go on this part of VI.

From the side:

From the other side:

WHY show from the other side? :P Why not?

Still more work to be done on frame. But I have enough done to stick the guts in and see how things look like they will fit at this point.

No surprises yet.

Obviously, its going to be tight in there with two 12" blades turning through the chassis!

You can see where I have allowed room for the blades (hopefully enough).

The next step for the frame is to weld the bottom 1" tubing across. Then connect the 1" tube that will support the bearings for the blades to the bottom 1" tubing. Lastly the sections that need to be cut out to allow the blades to spin will be removed.

Um... It will make more sense when I finish it and can show pictures ;) But that will be another update.

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