07/13/02 - Custom Husky Casing / MAJOR Kenneth Art!:

When Kenneth sent me this batch of pics, my jaw hit the floor.

The original Husqvarna casing for the 3120XP model saw Kenneth purchased, did not lend itself well to going into his design for MAGNUM VI. So what's a guy to do that want's his 120cc engine in his robot and it doesn't fit? Make a new casing! Kenneth designed and machined a new custom casing for the saw engine he is putting into MAGNUM VI.

First he enlisted the help of one of his friends at work, to use the CMM (coordinate measuring machine) to get the proper dimensions of some of the parts he had to keep the same, on the new casing. The fellow in the pictures working the CMM is Keith, and he volunteered his time to make the measurements. Yay for Keith!

Click Thumbnail For Bigger Pic:

1) Here's Keith working his Mojo on the CMM to get some dimensions for Kenneth.

2) The machine has a probe you use to touch the part and it will tell you the dimensions of everything you touch.

3) A casing seal that will need to be replaced. It was damaged when the factory casing was taken apart.

4) And here is the first peak at the near-finished product, with a side-by-side of the old casing. UBER-shinney... *drool*

5) Here's a close-up of some FINE CNC work. *drool*

6) The other side.

7) The two halves split apart...

8) This is what it should look like, minus the carburetor. What Kenneth comes up with and executes with a CNC milling machine can only be classified as art, IMO.

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