List of thanks: (sorry if I leave anyone out!)

Mike Brinegar:
Mike is my best friend, and he came all the way from El Paso, TX on Army leave to visit and attend the Street Fight with me. For years this guy has been like a brother. From assistance bot' wrangling, to taping my fights he did way more work than I did on the trip!

It's worth mentioning that when he finally got to my house from El Paso (20+ hour drive to my corner of Tennessee), an hour later we got in my car and made the nearly 10hr trip to NC together... Mike rocks.

Terry Talton:
For the lending of cutters, and being one of the coolest competitors I have met thus far in all this robot fightin' stuff. Terry absolutely rules, and Evil Con Carne is a force to be reckoned with. I was thrilled to hear that he was going to be there and sure enough, we picked up our "friends" vibe just like we left off as pit neighbors at TI.

Terry was the first person I fought, and ECC got some solid "WHACK"s in before the fight was over!

View the video of the Evil Con Carne vs. Village Idiot fight here:

Memorize that name folks, because some unlucky MW is going to be slotted against this guy at a future event. MAIM was terrifying to watch spin up, and Chuck had to make several compromises to get it into our weight class. With a little re-build action MAIM is going to make parts fly and robots die!

I am terrible with names, but Chuck's whole crew rocked. They were awesome guys, and I hope they can come with him to the next gig so we can hang out after fights. (we were just too tired to do anything Sat night after the event!) We had a 80th yr High School Re-Union/prom raid planned for after we all got back from eating that after noon, but everyone in our party fell asleep as soon as we got back to our hotel room... We'll get em' next time, eh Chuck? ;)

Chuck was the second guy I had to fight at the event (I was worried that my bot would be ruined after this one!)

View the video of the MAIM vs. Village Idiot fight here:

Ron Woodward:
Ron was a cool guy, but I didn't really get a chance to talk to him much. He wasn't very close to my location in the pits, but what little we did talk he was a super nice guy.

His robot "Category 3" had a really tight electronics layout! He was the third robot I had to fight.

View the video of the Category 3 vs. Village Idiot fight here:

Mark Harrison:
Mark was a really nice guy too. We didn't get a chance to talk a lot either, but I don't remember seeing him once at the event without a smile on his face.

His robot "Two-fisted" had a lot of pushing power, but it's main weapons were disabled by MAIM in their first fight. (Told you MAIM was nasty!)

Mark and I fought for the MW championship. It was VI's fourth fight on the day.

View the video of the Two-Fisted vs. Village Idiot fight here:

Chris Hannold and practically the entire Hannold family:
Duh! He's like, the guy that put the event together! ;) Chris rocks, and so does everyone else at the event that had a yellow shirt on. He went out of his way to make sure it was safe and fun for everyone, and spent a lot of HIS money doing it.

Chris lent me a charger for my Transmitter at the event too, as I showed up to the safety inspection with a dead TX battery... DOH!

After the MW fights were over, they held the LW rumble and Chris held the awards ceremony.

View the video of the awards ceremony here:

Matt Lukes:
Matt was a really cool guy, AND he lent me a 13mm wrench when I was missing my 1/2" one ;) He showed up with a LW called "Space Madness" that took the LW's by storm. WTG Matt!

Will Tatman:
For lending me cutters and driving the RC car of death like a mad-man ;) You have to see the rumble footage to know what I'm talking about.

View the video of the MW rumble here:

Scott and John Kilbourne:
Great folks! And how can you not love a robot that's covered in fur?! ;) Scott is a class one guy, and I was stoked to see that he made it to the event. Even though they had gearbox problems at the event (like at TI) they always had a smile on any time I seen them.

CUAD the Crusher folks:
They were just cool to talk to, and had one insane robot... Magmotors for drive are uber-spooky!

I really hope I didn't leave anyone out, because I would hate to short anybody that helped make the experience so memorable. The whole deal rocked on many different levels... It was a blast and I can't wait for the next one!

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