Current Sponsors:

Buller Built INC. is the newest member to the Team RV sponsorship family. Buller is the premier name in high performance Kart racing. We are very excited that they have chosen to share their experience in helping transfer the energy from Team RV's new 2-Stroke engines, to our opponents.

PTC gave full one year licenses to BattleBot competitors. Using their amazing Pro/Engineer program, I can completely design the robot before welding one bead.

Past Sponsors:

SystiMatic put the BITE into the second revision of Village Idiot. They manufacture the best saw blades in the world!

These "behind the scenes" members of Team RV help make our robots more destructive and fun to watch. Their support and contributions to the team are much appreciated. To find out how your company can become part of Team RV and have your logo displayed on the robot, contact me via email.

- Jon Autry

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