While arguably the guy on the left is the real Village Idiot around here, the main focus of this site will be on the other Village Idiot (robot type, one each).

I'm 26. I'm a Christian. I like heavy metal. I enjoy spending time with my wife and two girls. I love internet gaming on my PC in any genre of games: (RTS, FPS, RPG,... you name it).

I am a super proud PaPa of two girls. My wife Angie and I have been married for four years and have a three year old (Kaylee) and a one and a half year old (Alyssa).

Alyssa was actually born on November 30th 2K which doubles as our four year wedding Anniversary! Talk about never forgetting an Anniversary?!?!

I can't say enough good things about Angie. She has got to be the most supportive and patient partner out there. She is a full-time stay at home mom and rocks at it. I honestly don't know how she manages to keep her head screwed on straight during the day and still manage to keep things around the house rolling. Ang rules! :)


Honestly, I didn't know anything about robotic combat till Comedy Central first aired BattleBots. It was one of the few TV shows that held my interest and it seems all I could think about since was, "What type of bot would I build?".

It's hard to say who my biggest influence was to motivate me to actually get involved, but several names come to mind.

  • Derek Young - Pressure Drop, Complete Control
  • South Bay Robo Warriors - MAULER
  • Christian Carlburg - Toe Crusher, Overkill, Minion
  • Jim Smentowski - Nightmare, Backlash
  • Jonathan Ridder - Ziggo
  • Team Delta - Evil Fish Tank!, HAZARD

I love to learn. Electronics and Computers have fascinated me as long as I can remember. I can't tell you how many things I have taken apart growing up trying to figure out, "What makes this work?".

I love the social aspect of these types of projects. The opportunity to meet people with like interests, while all the time acquiring new skills, is a good thing!

Win or lose, I have always had a great time at any event I have attended. Winning is GREAT, but the people involved in this sport, and making something creative is what it's all about for me!

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